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Mitchell Productions skill and knowledge as a professional camera operator stemmed from working within the domestic market.

We offer clients a natural relaxed recording of their wedding day, where we capture the very essence of what takes place.

We do not ask you or your guests too pose or do anything manufactured, which we have seen in abundance in footage from other wedding video companies. We do not use tasteless, tacky effects, for example computer generated love hearts, flying wedding albums, and other equally nasty gimmicks.

We have been told by many couples that for most of the day they did not even realize we were there. We operate in a discrete, professional manor and all of our staff are polite smartly dressed and highly competent. We can assure you that you will be delighted with the service we provide. We are proud to have only glowing praise from our clients about the wedding services we offer.

We offer the following options :

Single Camera Wedding
All day, all night from on hour prior to the service at the church, to the closing hours of the night of the reception. Everything included on either a Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, SVHS or VHS for one price.

Brides House
If you require the bride videoed preparing and leaving her home for the church, we can offer you this service as an addition to the single camera for an extra fee.

Twin Camera Wedding
Twin Camera all day, all night from the brides house to the closing hours of the night of the reception. Everything included on either a Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, SVHS or VHS for one price.

Large Screen
A ten minute recap of your wedding edited and projected onto a cinema sized screen.

SONY PDW F330 XDCAM HD cameras to cover your day.
Full broadcast specification edit suites to edit your wedding.
Approval previews & master tape copies for every bride & groom.
Blu-Ray Disc, DVD copies as standard.
Blu-Ray 1080P HD quality
No 'budget to deluxe packages' designed to make you spend more than you need to.
Discounted original copies on Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, VHS or SVHS in presentation cases.
An extremely personal service that we know is unbeatable.
An optimal playing time duration that is watchable and entertaining - no need top fast forward to find good clips !
Every single wedding is given the attention as if it was our only wedding production.
Polite, friendly, smartly dressed cameramen will video your wedding.
One price covers all from the church to the night reception.


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